I have used (EM) Effective Microrganisms to treat dermatophytosis (fungal skin infections) in livestock and in pets, with excellent results.

I find that 50 ml of the concentrate in a litre of saline applied as a daily topical spray speeds up the repair process considerably.

Dr. Ivor Burns
Vetinary Doctor. User EM Livestock
Cayo, Belize

In 2009, I was introduced to EM by BAEL - William Usher and Santiago Juan, both Belizean professionals in the agriculture field and graduate of EARTH University in Costa Rica. The promotion of EM in Belize caught my attention immediately because of the positive effect in lowering overhead cost and of having a clean smelling environment despite the most unattractive environment in terms of smell in pig rearing.

This product was applied on Primita's Farm immediately in designated areas first to test the product and now on the entire farm including for management of waste water, waste material and sewage system.

This product support the control of odor and flies in the pig pen which was not done ten years ago and was not the norm, but with the use of EM it has proven that this is the norm. There is no bad smell at the pig pen or no flies visible.

The control of odor in the chicken coop is commendable! There is excellent control of odor and no flies. The waste material from the coop can be used immediately as manure to other crops on the farm.

The application of EM in the citrus fields, primary product on the farm, has also proven to be effective and has given positive results thus far in the small area tested. However, the application of EM in the citrus fields has extended to a larger area after seeing very positive and promising results. It is too early to make a declaration of great response in large citrus fields; however the trends are similar to that of the small area tested. There are great signs showing in this production in the use of EM. Fruits on the trees are cleaner and bigger. The final result will be in harvesting in early 2012. The trees are looking healthier day by day in the area that EM is applied as per recommendations given. Early 2012 a firm declaration can be made on this product if the trends continue as is.

My full support is with EM that continues to prove positive effect on production systems and the environment.

Patrick Scott Sr.
Proprietor, Primita's Farm
Cayo District, Belize

A few years ago I started an organic farm at the back of our land at Chaa Creek to provide as many fruits and vegetables for our guests and staff.  In the busy season it might account for up to 200 people needing food at least twice a day.  This represents a considerable amount of fresh produce and trying to grow that amount has been a challenge and indeed still is.  However since BAEL took the time to come to visit, a whole day to be precise, and on his departure leaving a generous supply of EM products to try out, a new appreciation of the power of nature was presented with irrefutable examples but shrouded in life's subtleties.  The lettuces looked greener, more robust, less bitter in dry times, much slower to bolt and a noticeably better root system.  Over a six month period we observed a more vibrant look to the plants in general and in most cases better looking produce.  In all honesty there is no one single thing that hits you in the eyes, more a feeling of wellness within the garden or in our case the Maya Farm.  We proceeded to mist EM Agriculture twice a week throughout the 10 acres but have cut it back to once a week now as both William and Santiago have advised that the inoculation process has been completed and now it is just a question of maintaining levels of the micro organisms.

In our horse stable where we tend to 29 horses on a daily basis, we feed EM Livestock to them in their corn, we add it to their water, we spray it on the saddle pads to get rid of odor (unbelievably effective) and also spray it around the stables and pens to keep flies down and also the smell of acrid urine, once again remarkably effective.  Since we also use the wood shavings from the stables for our compost at the farm it appears that the speed of decomposition of the shavings has also increased.

I have recently completed a composting shed at the Maya Farm 60ft by 20 ft so I am quite serious about composting.  We have been adding EM to the compost mainly while initiating a new pile.  Having modified our system in the new shed, it would seem that time wise we are making good compost in 8 weeks, start to finish, with temperatures ranging from 130 to 160 deg F.  There is absolutely no doubt that the composting process has been speed up with the use of EM, perhaps by as much as half, once again a remarkable feat and for organic framers who rely on steady supplies of good compost, a bonus!

So, I am hooked!!  If you are really in touch with your plants, livestock, orchards or whatever, give EM products a try!

Mick Flemming
Proprietor, The Lodge at Chaa Creek
Cayo District Belize

Laasner Architects are dedicated to promoting sustainable design and building technologies. We always hoped that a company will take a lead in promoting and providing natural cleaning products in Belize. It is with great pleasure to testify that we are using EM as an all purpose EM cleaner since many months successfully.

In addition, we are using EM  to support the recycling process of sewage water in conjunction with an advanced biological compost toilet system called 'Aquatron'.  EM and its applications are working in so many ways that we are confident to state: EM is the best choice if we want to improve our healthy and environmental friendly lifestyles.

Sylvia & Alex Laasner Belmopan

Alex Laasner
Providing international experience in Tropical Architecture and Environmental Friendly Design.
Belmopan, Belize

Black Orchid Resort has been using EM cleaning products exclusively for the past year and are very happy with the results.  Our rooms get great reviews from our guests on TripAdviser for cleanliness and our staff finds the product easy to use.  We are especially happy with the fact that this product is helping us to achieve our gold of being a fully green resort.

In addition to the cleaning product, we also use EM solid waste products to help eliminate odors coming from our septic tanks especially when it rains.  We are presently in the rainy season and I am happy to report that after 6 years in operation we are now odor free from the septic tanks.

Overall we are extremely pleased with EM products and can happily recommend them to other businesses  even if they are not particularly interested in protecting the environment since the cost savings are significant compared to using chemicals for cleaning.

Doug Thompson
CEO Black Orchid Resort
Burrell Boom Belize District

In 2009 the use of Effective Microorganisms (EM) was introduced as a new technology in the dairy section of Hanna Enterprises. EM as referred to on the farm is used in every imaginable area of the dairy and has proven to be very beneficial to a point that we now think back to how much we had been missing before the use of EM.

The EM Livestock is what is utilized in the dairy. Areas in which it is utilized include 1) Drinking water; 2) Feed; 3) Washing of milking floors and 4)Calf pens.

The effects of the EM livestock are seen in the minimization of the most bothersome of all tropical pest which are the common house flies. From our experience once the entire area was well inoculated (about 3 months) a noticeable reduction of flies and other insect pest was observed. This alone justifies the use of EM; the elimination of all insecticides, which is not only a saving but also a benefit to our pristine environment.

The greatest benefit is seen during the dry season when grass availability is greatly reduced. The milk yields are sustained without having to increase the concentrate intake of the animals. The overall body condition of the animals is excellent throughout the milking period of the cows. The calves remain healthy and the overall appearance is always commented on when visitors arrive to the farm, as how healthy they look.

Visitors also always comment that it does not smell like a dairy, and we laugh because it really does not have a smell other than a cow smell (nice).

Other areas which we are using EM are in our home vegetable garden with astonishing results not only with yields but with the resistance the plants are demonstrating against insect pest.

Everybody should be using this EM!

Hanna Enterprises San Lorenzo Farm
San Lorenzo Farm is a family run farm established in the early 1900’s by Lebanese immigrants. The two main activities have always been beef and dairy. EM Livestock and EM Agriculture User.
San Lorenzo Farm, Mile 71 Western Highway, Cayo District - Belize C.A.


Best household cleaner, leaves everything smelling fresh

Best value – 1: 10 ratio makes this cheaper than any other product


Additional uses:

Polishes Mahogany furniture

Best window cleaner especially “salt residue”

Gets “smell” out of clothes if treated before put in washer

Gets “smell” out of washer when some is put in the first load

EM Solid / Liquid Waste

EM Solid / Liquid Waste is a “must have” for septic

I had problems with septic until I started using EM S/L Waste

Eighteen months later the “1 gallon - once a month treatment” results in clear water draining to the septic field


I recently tried EM-5 for problem insects . Immediately there was a noticeable reduction in the amount of insect infestation. Continued treatment resulted in  eliminating the “insect problem”.

All three EM products are safe to use.

All three EM products are substantially more cost effective than the closest competitor.

I have recommended EM products to others.

EM products did not disappoint,

the result, EM products have replaced other products in several households.

Sharon Hughes
EM Household, EM Solid/Liquid Waste and EM.5 User

We've been using the EM products here at Liberty Children's Home since 2009 and definitely see the benefits.   We use the household product to wipe down the tables, counter tops, clean toilets, wash trash cans and mop the floors, we even drop a few ounces in the laundry.  It is very effective in keeping the smell and flies away especially from the trash cans and in the dining room and kitchen where flies are generally found.  We even use the product to eliminate the urine smell from the mattresses of the children who wet their beds.

We grow our own organic vegetables and raise chickens, and pigs to reduce our food cost and generate income. First time visitors to Liberty are most often surprise that although we have over 26 pigs in our barn, there is virtually no smell. Our pig area is washed down daily with Agricultural EM products, and the food they consume is also sprayed with EM products. The result is healthier pigs, without the pig smell!

We also use this product to spray in our garden beds to keep the bugs and fungus away. We’ve used a variety of EM products over the months and are very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend the products to anyone considering using it!

Delfena Mitchell
Manager, Liberty Children's Home (EM Household, EM Livestock & EM Agriculture user)
Liberty Children's Home, Ladyville, Village Belize

The EM technology is proven success.  We have used EM products in our office, and in sugar cane production.  When used at planting in sugar cane as a drench or seed treatment it promotes a uniform and excellent germination and develops a good root system.  We strongly recommend farmers the use of EM at planting for a good germination.  EM used for flowering on any crop bring a huge flush; once more, a proven technology that works.

Also important is the use of the pH and hard water corrector; it improves product effectiveness. We recommend it to all users of pesticides for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the products.  It is the only product in the market today that address pH and water hardness; a common problem in the north.

Finally, the wide range of EM products are excellent and are proven to be farmer and environmentally friendly products that improves production, productivity and quality.

EM is green technology.

Marcos Osorio
Director, Sugar Industry Research and Development Institute
Orange Walk District, Belize

Personalmente me parece un excelente producto el EM porque lo puedo usar en toda la limpiesa de la casa y no irita mis manos. Me gusta usarlo especialmente para eliminar malos olores en cualquier area ya sea en la cosina o en la sala y por su naturaleza, al usarlo, estamos cuidando el medio ambiente.

(English Translation: Personally I think EM is an excellent product because I can use it in cleaning the whole house and it does not irritate my hands. I like using it especially to eliminate odour from anywhere such as the kitchen and in the living room. Using a product such as this, due to its naturalness, we are also protecting the environment.)

Marisol Perez
Usuario de EM Household
Belmopan City

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